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OK Arona cup 2012
Normunds B?rzi?š 2012-05-07
After the race organizers got lots of new clothes. If any owner still wants to recover his clothes, please send a message by e-mail gunars21@inbox.lv
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LOF, OK Arona
Event director: Gun?rs Ikaunieks
Results: Normunds B?rzi?š

Time, place

2012. year 5.-6.May, Jaunpiebalgas region, Rempi, Markings on the road Jaunpiebalga-Cesvaine 8.km
5. May
Till 12.00 registration of participants at the event center
13.00 Start the middle distance
6. May
11.00 start shorten long distance
15.00 award ceremony


WM8*, WM10*, WM12, WM14, WM16, WM18, WM20, WM21E, WM21A, WM21B, WM35, WM40, WM45, WM50, WM55, WM60, WM65, WM70,WM75, OPEN1, OPEN2, OPEN3
* marked distance


Map prepared in 2012
Map author: Leon?ds Malankovs

Scale 1:10000, H2.5m, long distance groups MW21E, 20, 18, 35 1:15000
New map. Terrain has not been used for orienteering. Mostly medium runability. Many different forms of relief. A lot of small rivers. Different age forest, clearings, old and young growth forest.

Entry fees

MW8*, 102,00 eiro (Ls 1,40) / 1 day
MW12, 143,00 eiro (Ls 2,10) / 1 day
MW16, 18, 204,00 eiro (Ls 3,80) / 1 day
MW21, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 608,00 eiro (Ls 5,60) / 1 day
MW65, 70, 755,00 eiro (Ls 3,50) / 1 day
OPEN 1-33,00 eiro (Ls 2,10) / 1 day

Entry fees must be paid till 30. april
Bank VAS”Latvijas Hipot?ku un zemes banka” SWIFT code LHZBLV22

OK Arona, Reg. Nr.: 40008144220 Address: Skolas street 3, Kusa, Madonas novads
Account: LV53LHZB4800171513001


Till 1. May, e-mail: nomis86@inbox.lv or online www.okarona.lv

Punching system

SportIdent, SI card rent Ls 0,50 or 1 euro / 1 day

Prize giving

1st-3rd place in each group two days sum with the cups.


You can order in Jaunpiebalga dinner Ls 2 and breakfast Ls 1.80. The last application period 1. May. Obligatory payment for all applications.


Jaunpiebalgas sport hall floor Ls 2.

Cesvaine boarding schools hostel Ls 3,50 + PVN tel. +371 28665765 Al?na


www.okarona.lv Gun?rs Ikaunieks tel. +371 26532979, e-mail gunars21@inbox.lv

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