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OK Arona Cup 2011
Normunds Bērziņš 2011-03-09
7. and 8. May will be OK Arona Cup competitions, which will take place this time in the ?audona.


LOF, OK Arona
Event director: Gunars Ikaunieks

Time, place:

7. – 8. May 2011 ?audona, Madona region

7. May
Till 12:00 arrival of the participants
13:00 Start on middle distance

8. May
11:00 Start on Shortened long distance


HD8*, HD10*, HD12, HD14, HD16, HD18, HD20, HD21E, HD21A, HD21B, HD35, HD40, HD45, HD50, HD55, HD60, HD65, HD70
* marked route


Till 2. May 24:00 e-mail: nomis86@inbox.lv or online
Entries made after 2. May will have a surcharge of + 50%

Entry fees:

HD8, HD10Ls2
HD12, HD14, HD16, HD18, HD20, HD60, HD65, HD70Ls6
HD21E, HD21A, HD21B, HD35, HD40, HD45, HD50, HD55Ls10

Punching system:

SportIdent, SI card rent Ls 0,50 / 1 day

Prize giving:

1. – 3. place overall score.


Adjusted 2010th August, September. Will be corrected by the 2011th April
Author: Leon?ds Malankovs.
Predominantly pine forest with good runnabilty, a small number of marshes and young plantations. There are steep slopes and a lot of trench.
Map scale 1:10000, H 5 m.


?audonas sport hall floor
Other possibilities: www.madona.lv


Gunars Ikaunieks tel. +37126532979; e-mail: gunars21@inbox.lv

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