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Latvian and Swiss Cooperation Programme grant scheme NGO Foundation subproject for Children and Seniors free time moving realization
Normunds Bērziņš 2011-09-24
During realization of subproject in local governments of Erg?i and Cesvaine 456 children and youth and 20 seniors have acquired basics of orienteering and there was given an opportunity to go in for sports activities in their free time in nature not far from their living places improving life quality for children and youth who are brought under the risk of social repudiating.

There was made a cooperation of OK Arona and a local government to deal with a free time problem of children and youth and seniors and popularization of healthy lifestyle; encouraged a cooperation of nongovernmental and public sector.

There was strengthened an action capacity of OK Arona giving opportunities of society services for a wider range of inhabitants in 3 regions. As a result of project there were made 11 new orienteering maps which will be possible to use to organize local enterprises and sports and relaxing activities for inhabitants in whole Latvia as well.

Activities realized in subproject:

  1. preparation of orienteering maps for schools ( Cesvaine, Barkava, B?rzaune, Kusa, Kalsnava, Liez?re, ?audona, M?rciena, Vestiena, ?rg?i ); during it there were made surveys of territory, using these facts made maps in OCAD 10 program;
  2. training of children and seniors “ABC of orienteering”, made 10 groups for those who are interested in training, 456 children and youth and 20 seniors have acquired basics of orienteering, took a part in walks and competitions;
  3. recreation and sports camp where 160 participants took a part in relay- races, night and individual competitions, took a rest near the lake, got acquainted with vulnerary plants which grow in meadows and planted junipers instead of camp themselves. Common sports activities in one team and having supper enjoying campfire brought different generations together, there was made a union of generations;
  4. in final competitions of subproject there was a possibility to compete with participants having a different experience in sports;
  5. there was made and brought out a booklet of subproject process enterprises organized by OK Arona.

Subproject has achieved its aims – 456 children and youth, 20 seniors have acquired new knowledge and skills, woken a wish to be active in their future - 70% of respondents would continue to go in for orienteering.

11 new made maps will be available for schools and a local government to organize recreation and sports enterprises. Using new maps would be possible to organize competitions for a wider range of people who are interested in it. Duration of acquired results of subproject will provide cooperation with local governments and lectors and teachers trained during subproject. In subproject there took part children and youth outside of R?ga, mostly from rural schools; that promoted a risk of social repudiating. Involving children and youth in active enterprises there was promoted their entering into active social life which reduces a risk to focus on different bad habits.

Cooperation partners of society – schools and local governments have supported a realization of subproject helping to complete a training group providing rooms for lessons and transport services. Involved partners are interested in cooperation in future within limits providing a wish of children and youth to go in for orienteering .

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